Dogs Looking Up, Nuts and Bolts, Who Uses 118118 & Ant and Decs Lovechild – 024

We are joined this week by Nickie, who tells us what Jeffing is!

Also Penny spots Ant and Decs Love child (legal disclaimer, maybe not true). The #cultofgary again rears its beardy head, just who calls 118118 anyway and life size fists and arms.

Foggy asks about dogs looking up, what would you do on your last day of work if you wanted to be naughty! Mr Boobs shares words of wisdom, marathons, running and Scones.

Oh and pictures of Bryan’s balls, and how do you get rid of your old Vibrators !

Danas Swimming, Can You Roll Your Rs, Ever Been Trapped & Penny Buys Vinyl – 023

This week our super-sub guest Dana joins us again, keeping us up to date on Doctor Who and swimming far too many lengths!

Penny cant roll her Rs and Lee cant click his fingers, what cant you do? Red wine is better brain training than Sudoku didn’t you know which pleases Penny.

The #cultofgary makes an appearance, Richard questions Lees rendition of Ivor the Engine and Dom makes some serious allegations.

Also we get trapped in a glass box, and downstairs toilets!

Oh and Dana presses a big red button!

Rob Does Pirate Radio, Bobby Davro, Pampas Grass & Lee Has a Brown One – 022

Friend of the show Rob Burnett joins us this week in a laughter filled episode.

Bobby Davro is 58 dont you know, Marcus Brigstoke has got some moves. Rob does strange noises and radio shout outs, Penny is joined by a small child (unscripted).

Also this week, Pampas Grass and glass coffee tables as you’ve never imagined them before. Rob has a odd obsession with Lee and his trade skills, or should that be tools.

Vending machines for used panties anyone? What is your stripper music?

Oh and Lee has a brown one…

Sploshing, Splashing, Whiskey, Trains and Paul Burns Burns Burns – 021

We was due to have Stu from Brighton with us as a guest this week, sadly more tech issues have mean thats postponed.

In the meantime, Penny says Sploshing and Splashing, lee refuses to Hate. Whiskey in Tea, trains and stationery a plenty.

Wearing watches, whats that all about?

Oh and Paul feels fisted by a blowtorch !

LED Toilets, Learning From YouTube, Elections & Fisting Sooty – 020

In this weeks episode

Who are Susan and Malcolm? LED Toilets, learning to drive on YouTube and challenge us to learn something new. Easter Eggs, whats that all about?

Donald asks about fisting Sooty ! Good lord…

Also Harry Styles has a single out, god help us all. Doctor Who and was Lee paying attention. Penny juggles children, Lee asks a deep question about sausages.

Oh and once again…. Fisting Sooty ! Eek


Live Special on the Thames With Dana & Bonn – 019

Its a special show this week when we met up with Dana and Bonn in London for a jolly on a Thames cruise.

Being an outside broadcast on a packed boat, forgive us a little audio background noise but its a fun episode. And look out this week for a bonus episode of comedy gold from the boats commentary!

We discuss Woolworths, vinyl records & Bill Oddie. Dana has a hangover, Lee says “Fanny” very loud in public, Bonn goes to the bar and Penny complains about trains!

Oh and HMS Belfast has a Shard sticking out of it.

Teasmaids, 99 Flakes, London Underground & Early Mornings – 018

Once again the London Underground gets us talking, but more importantly what’s the deal with 99 Flakes in your ice cream, why do they not taste as nice as a usual flake?

Penny forgets her online shopping, but entertains her family for only £6 a day! Making ponds from Dairylea cartons, teasmaids, small talk and Colin Furze.

Also this week, Tadpoles, frogspawn, and we are bleary eyed at 8am recordings!

Hotdesking, Rainbow Bagels, Ghost Stations & Penny Drools – 017

Guest changes again as we clash diaries, so we are joined again by Dana this week.

On this weeks show, Dana says “the Mutts Nuts”, Penny drools and we discover what Dana would do if she had a time machine.

Also weird places to fall asleep, tom hardy gets rated and rainbows bagels are on the agenda. We discuss underground stations and other bunkers etc.

Oh and Penny drools again.!

Rud Plays Interlude Music, Penny Chases Jamie Oliver, Radio Shows & Bluetooth Vibrators – 016

We are back after hellish couple of technical weeks!

Rud joins us and plays some fancy music, Penny chases Jamie Oliver dressed in a purple onesie! We discover how expensive hotel mini-bars can be and also the most weird question you have been asked.

Shitting a brick or crying glass? Scooters, Groupies and Usain Bolt.

Oh and err.. Foreplay with a bluetooth vibrator anyone?

Broken Kitkats, Pylon Appreciation, Losing a Knuckle & Lee Reads a Poem – 015

Our second part of a chat with Gary from the Gatford. In this episode Penny explains how Dogs work and how she swigs Gaviscon by the pint!

Also we discover the exciting work of electricity pylons and Flash Bristow the pylon mega fan. Garys kept awake by a flashing gas man and lee reads some poetry.

Oh and follow the brown signs..