Delays, Recording Today

Huge apologises dear faithful, a combination of life and tech issues thwarted the team this past week and we didnt get you an episode out last week! We will punish ourselves forthwith!

In the meantime, we are recording an episode of goodness for you today, and “may” even have an extra bonus show for you too, so watch this space and your podcast apps!

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Presenting: These People Podcast

You have found the home of a new and exciting podcast. Penny, Triss and Lee are These People Podcast. Join us each week as we chew the fat, discuss trending topics and generally go down the rabbit hole.

No scripts, No agenda, we just go with the flow and see where the conversation takes us. We will also have guests and interviews and other general amusement for your ears.

Stay tuned and please subscribe, as our pilot episode 001 is just around the corner.