Penny’s I-Spy Book, Will Trump Make It? Christmas and Happy New Year – 009

Just a short little episode for you this week between glasses of wine! Learn what time Penny was woken on Christmas morning, or is was it still night?

I-Spy books for adults! Whatever next. we have predictions on a certain president elects 2017.

We discuss the busy grim reaper of 2016, and Penny has annual friends. Also this week is “Very Lovely” higher complement than “Lovely,Lovely”, Stewpot?

Oh and come sing Auld Lang Syne as we say hello to 2017 !!
Good riddance 2016…..

Sandwich Fillings, Cats Can Write? Xmas With Glee & Shepherds Pie on Toast – 008

In this weeks podcast, we wonder if cats can write? Where is Doctor Legg? Plain old sandwich fillings or with Mayo, Gatford (or Gatfor) becomes Glee. Penny creates a gift list from service station shops!

Also we crack some awful Christmas jokes, listen to lots of voicemail’s from some interesting people. Gatford reminisces about what a cheque book is.

Oh and beans….. no no no , But shepherds pie on toast, all good!

Ian Hislops Shoes, School Teachers, Advent Calendars & Subtitles – 007

In this weeks podcast, Buy Penny’s shoes, advent calendars of Gin and Vodka. We let you know who our unfathomable crushes are, penny’s is a corker. Watching TV shows with subtitles, do you? Find out which famous TV show Lees history teacher was in, and the celebrity link to Penny’s french teacher.
Also this week would you wash a strangers underwear? And likewise how do you feel about your undies being washed by a stranger! And finally just for luck, a random crazy song from Adam about the moon.

Random Questions, Platypodes, Cheese Walls & Alan Bloody Fish – 006

We are joined in the virtual studio this week by none other than Alan “Bloody” Fish asking us some very random questions! Topics discussed include eating toenail clippings, cheese walls and with which cheese? Penny lets us into her preferences for Blackbirds! Alan uses his powers to deduce how people look by voice alone. And also Penny has a pee with Anneka Rice !

Oh and guess who Alans dad is?