Some French Red Shit, Prosecco Crisps, Tanya’s Porn Collection & Did Churchill Build All the Pillboxes – 013

We are joined this week by prominent blogger Tanya, who offers a huge collection of porn to listeners, and tells us that she is not a window licker.

Who exactly is urinating in Davinias pathway? Prosecco crisps and Gin popcorn, but they arent not allowed in Lidl’s as its far too posh. Gun amnesty’s, whats that all about?

Penny discovers a brickwork epidemic, and was it Winston Churchill that build all those War pillboxes? Penny loses a pink glove and Foggy asks probing questions.

Oh and Wankers Anonymous !

Its Ed, Greggs Has Gone Posh, the Tooth Fairy & The Piccadilly-Lilly Line – 012

Super excited this week to have the marvellous Ed Swift, a producer and engineer from talkRADIO joining us, oh and hes a New Zealander too, so a fair bit of Kiwi chat this week.

Also on this weeks podcast, Stu asks about the Tooth Fairy, Penny DOESN’T take a photo of Big Ben. Will Ed allow Dana to get her beauty sleep?

Going to Luton by train for a Starbucks, what is Eds favourite underground? Learn how the NZ air-force actually has no planes and would they fit in a lunchtime canteen.

Oh and Ed has 11 sheep in the attic !

Han Solo Undies, Dana Does Africa, Bubble Wrap Pillows & Has Trump Got Balls – 011

This week our guest host is lovely Dana, learn about 500 species of sharks and the size of Africa.

Also how to make a bubble wrap pillow, charity shop sorrow and scuba diving. We introduce a random new feature “Whats in Penny’s room”, its quite a lot.┬áDana spends a whole day in the Cinema too.

Conkers, mountain bikes and does Trump actually have balls? Who do you want to see on your packet of underwear and just how many weeks has Dana been blogging?

Oh, and Han Solo undies, torsos and icebergs!

The Kyle Files, 4am Plums, Tiger Balm in the Eyes & Penny Keeps a Detailed Diary – 010

This week we are joined by Kyle from Reclaimed Radio, who tells us where Lisa Stansfield likes to drink, and also offers some impressions of old game shows.

We discover just how detailed Penny’s holiday diary actually is, Lee takes a walk of shame at Christmas. Beckham kicks a can, Robbie cleans his hands and penny falls off-air!

Kyle starts a bromance with caller Rob, and we point out why not to get Tiger Balm in your eyes.

Oh, and have a happy “I am not going to take it anymore day” !