Broken Kitkats, Pylon Appreciation, Losing a Knuckle & Lee Reads a Poem – 015

Our second part of a chat with Gary from the Gatford. In this episode Penny explains how Dogs work and how she swigs Gaviscon by the pint!

Also we discover the exciting work of electricity pylons and Flash Bristow the pylon mega fan. Garys kept awake by a flashing gas man and lee reads some poetry.

Oh and follow the brown signs..

Asda Ketchup Scandal, Pulling a Pork, Brownie Uniforms & Gatford Part 1 – 014

We are back!

In this weeks podcast we are joined by regular guest Gatford, who asks what do you drink before bed? Asda cause a controversial scandal with Ketchup, penny collects milk jiggers.

Also borrowing kids, what’s that all about! Zoos vs trains and Oxo vs Ovaltine. Dont Google fresh meat, penny dodges a bullet with her Brownie uniform.

Oh and would you like a stripper with your Chinese meal sir?