Hotdesking, Rainbow Bagels, Ghost Stations & Penny Drools – 017

Guest changes again as we clash diaries, so we are joined again by Dana this week.

On this weeks show, Dana says “the Mutts Nuts”, Penny drools and we discover what Dana would do if she had a time machine.

Also weird places to fall asleep, tom hardy gets rated and rainbows bagels are on the agenda. We discuss underground stations and other bunkers etc.

Oh and Penny drools again.!

Rud Plays Interlude Music, Penny Chases Jamie Oliver, Radio Shows & Bluetooth Vibrators – 016

We are back after hellish couple of technical weeks!

Rud joins us and plays some fancy music, Penny chases Jamie Oliver dressed in a purple onesie! We discover how expensive hotel mini-bars can be and also the most weird question you have been asked.

Shitting a brick or crying glass? Scooters, Groupies and Usain Bolt.

Oh and err.. Foreplay with a bluetooth vibrator anyone?