Trains Coupling, Pro-Plus, Sex Toys & Do Coffins Need Their Own Oyster Card – 025

Fresh from our recent cruise down the Thames, Bonn returns this week for a chat, and we cover a lot of ground.

Penny gets prickly with Dick Strawbridge’s tash, Bonn offends vegans and then tourists, and just why would anyone put Caffeine in hair anyway?

Ever forgot your shopping? And supermarket dildos “Every little helps”.

Also Penny describes in detail some trainporn, Bonn defends electric cars and Lee laughs at Electrons.

Oh and we ask do coffins need an Oyster card?

Dogs Looking Up, Nuts and Bolts, Who Uses 118118 & Ant and Decs Lovechild – 024

We are joined this week by Nickie, who tells us what Jeffing is!

Also Penny spots Ant and Decs Love child (legal disclaimer, maybe not true). The #cultofgary again rears its beardy head, just who calls 118118 anyway and life size fists and arms.

Foggy asks about dogs looking up, what would you do on your last day of work if you wanted to be naughty! Mr Boobs shares words of wisdom, marathons, running and Scones.

Oh and pictures of Bryan’s balls, and how do you get rid of your old Vibrators !

Danas Swimming, Can You Roll Your Rs, Ever Been Trapped & Penny Buys Vinyl – 023

This week our super-sub guest Dana joins us again, keeping us up to date on Doctor Who and swimming far too many lengths!

Penny cant roll her Rs and Lee cant click his fingers, what cant you do? Red wine is better brain training than Sudoku didn’t you know which pleases Penny.

The #cultofgary makes an appearance, Richard questions Lees rendition of Ivor the Engine and Dom makes some serious allegations.

Also we get trapped in a glass box, and downstairs toilets!

Oh and Dana presses a big red button!

Rob Does Pirate Radio, Bobby Davro, Pampas Grass & Lee Has a Brown One – 022

Friend of the show Rob Burnett joins us this week in a laughter filled episode.

Bobby Davro is 58 dont you know, Marcus Brigstoke has got some moves. Rob does strange noises and radio shout outs, Penny is joined by a small child (unscripted).

Also this week, Pampas Grass and glass coffee tables as you’ve never imagined them before. Rob has a odd obsession with Lee and his trade skills, or should that be tools.

Vending machines for used panties anyone? What is your stripper music?

Oh and Lee has a brown one…