Voicemail Special, Bill Collander Gets in Touch & Dana Tells a Tall Story – 029

This week Penny and Lee are otherwise engaged, so this week you get to listen to yourselves!

Our first voicemail special, we asked you the listener to leave us some entertainment and have your say.

So here is a mix-match of voicemail’s for your joy…

Aggy lusts for a filthy muffin, foot spas, cheese slices & who is Bill Colander – 028

This week Andy from the Aggy Fox podcast joins us, and he lusts for a filthy muffin.

Penny does some improv poetry, stewpot does an apology and Lee reveals some embarrassing stories. What happened to Spuggie, Bob Dylan calls in (allegedly), Dana goes shopping and Penny starts #teamGatford

Oh and who the hell is Bill Colander ?

Iain Lee Joins Us for a Chat, Flipper & Henry’s Cat, Gary Gets Dumped & Black Eyes – 027

We are honoured to be joined this week by none other than radio and TVs own Iain Lee, without whom well this podcast wouldn’t exist.

We talk about lookalike TV shows, flipper and Henry’s cat, Iain sings a tune for Dana, Gary gets dumped and Stewpot leaves Lee out.

Iain chats about his podcast The Rabbit Hole, his Virgin and talkRADIO radio shows and his upcoming trip to New York.

Oh and Iain interns some callers…

Toes, Gary dials 9, wound swapping, beer festival & Big Fonts – 026

Regular guest Gary the Gatford joins us this week and shares well his 9 toes..

Dana embarrassesĀ herself – twice, Lee and Gary swap wounds, and Penny drinks some Gin. Also, we learn that a bull has escaped and that cream teas were again wrongly prepared. Penny eats a plate, well metaphorically.

Gary impersonates Dana, whilst Stewpot impersonates Gary, Confused? Kegs, wine handbags and BIG FONTs too. Dom stuns us with his Gary medley and witty poetry.

Oh and Gary dials 9, whilst Penny drinks more Gin.