Gary Does an Intro, Dom Gets Wasted, Going Swimming & Features – 035

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We are joined once again by regular guest Gary the Gatford from Catford..

Swimming in pools, do we, do you? Penny has elocution lessons and talks school life.

Gary does a sob story devastated by custard, Dom gets wasted (bad Penny).

Oh and black pudding and mushy peas – the song.

Dana takes a picture, Penny wears a outfit, guess the tacky souvenir & penis books – 034

A bumper episode this week with Dana (it was 1h40 before editing!), but its a laugh fest..

Pennys shares with us, an interesting outfit, and she used to have a baby-grow too. Lego, Denmark and a certain bus made out of said bricks gets Dana excited.

We play Guess the tacky souvenir, apparently not an inflatable sheep! Bonn does some poetry and Dana eats some cheap snacks. Will Penny become a model, and Dana expects many Christmas items from us.

We get into fits of giggles looking at books on Amazon, lets just say penises features a little. Witches, Gin and the Queen.

Oh and paging Helen……

Bonn Tells a Sad Sob Story, Game Shows, Wax Seals & Flying Tampons – 033

Bonn joins us again this week to tell us a very sad sad story about wardrobes.

Penny flings tampons in the air, and designs a family crest for a wax seal, although not involving dildos Bonn! Paul does his business in a Post Office!

We talk TV game shows, and plan some voicemail bingo. Lee has an interesting new sound effect, Dom sends thanks, whilst Dana hunts little green men with boobs! Bonn shares many interesting random facts, such as Listerine and Sarah Kennedy.

Oh and Penny gags over a hot desk, and says she prefers a Ding Dong..