Random Questions, Platypodes, Cheese Walls & Alan Bloody Fish – 006

We are joined in the virtual studio this week by none other than Alan “Bloody” Fish asking us some very random questions! Topics discussed include eating toenail clippings, cheese walls and with which cheese? Penny lets us into her preferences for Blackbirds! Alan uses his powers to deduce how people look by voice alone. And also Penny has a pee with Anneka Rice !

Oh and guess who Alans dad is?

Paintballing, The Crystal Maze, Ideal Jobs & A Special Guest – 005

On this weeks show we are joined by a stand-in special guest, we consider a crystal maze team and other gameshows.  Penny likes ticking things off lists, Triss touts for a radio career and Lee ponders a job with police dogs!

Also Triss fears a locked room and Penny makes Coffee with well…. Coffee..
Finally, dont stand on bloody LEGO.

Roundabouts, Lager Louts, 2016 & the Avent-Garde -004

Episode 4 is now available and its a special extended length show, as we missed last week!
On this weeks show, Triss explains the strict rules of watching TV, What is a collective roundabout? Just how do you pronounce DAB and LED? The teams worst Christmas gifts, the celeb losses of 2016 and do you get stuck in YouTube loops?
We also discover how Triss woke up in an apocalypse with masked people. Oh, and just dont go hijacking a hot air balloon!

Delays, Recording Today

Huge apologises dear faithful, a combination of life and tech issues thwarted the team this past week and we didnt get you an episode out last week! We will punish ourselves forthwith!

In the meantime, we are recording an episode of goodness for you today, and “may” even have an extra bonus show for you too, so watch this space and your podcast apps!

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Very First Episode: Nipple Tassels, Accents & Vinyl – 001

On our first ever episode:
Different countries accents, Triss has a sexy husky voice. Penny tells us about the ladies of the Women’s Institute dancing with nipple tassels! C90 cassette tapes, vinyl record collecting and first concerts, oh and even strobing cooling towers and St Albans being babyland!

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